A Bloggers Agenda about Online-Bid Furniture Shopping

A Bloggers Agenda about Online-Bid Furniture Shopping

As I was reading articles on wall street journals. I stumbled across a story regarding online bidding furniture shopping, which every knows the most popular platforms. A very good point was made in which "I get"

So I read the article by Sarah Karnasiewicz  " How to Get Started with Online Furniture Auctions: A Bargain Hunter's Guide"                                                                                                                         

She stated " Between eBay and Christie's lie online auctions chockablock with bargains for your home, like an iconic chair or master intimidating but deal-packed marketplace. 


SOME PEOPLE listen to white noise to decompress, but during this odd year of isolation I’ve found unexpected pleasure in the chants and calls of an online auctioneer. Turns out that “sold!” packs a heck of a dopamine punch."


As a store owner and consumer myself realistically we shop other platforms, stores and markets ourselves. Everybody has different taste in essential and non-essential products that enhance and/or want part of our daily life. Which points out being more open to exploring products you like no matter where it comes from, not just because of the big name. I like it, I buy it if financing is available that's even better! Happy Holidays everyone from Shabella Decor and Home Goods

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